Thursday, April 5, 2012

[ what's good for the soul ]

I wish I could credit whoever originally posted this, but I saved it as an email draft to hold on to it, and just recently found it again.

"Moving home after finishing college is not good for the soul"

"Dear Decorno, I need help! I'm a soon-to-be graduate who will be moving back in with my parents. That means, moving back into my high school room. It is currently bright orange (a choice I made when I was trying to be a quirky 16 year old) and stuffed with old high school memorabilia and all the junk my parents haven't had a place for over the last 4 years. I need to create a comfortable space I actually want to live in, rather than one that reminds me of my dismal chances of getting a job in this economy and ever moving out for good. The room was originally the master bedroom of the house, a basic 20x20 ft shape. My current mattress is a queen, and there's no way I'm returning to my high school twin bed. Other than that, it's all fair game (including the color). Any suggestions for me? What would you do here? Thanks!-Leah"

"Dear Leah,This is a very easy one. Don't do it. Don't move back.If you insist on defying me (they always do, these kids today...) you should find another place to live. Why are you moving home? Moving home after finishing college is not good for the soul. Rent, say, an illegal room. I did it. It was $225 a month, which was easy money, even with a shitty job at J. Crew while I was working my way through school. It will toughen you up. I moved home when I needed a break from college and it was terrible. It lasted 3 months and then I left. If ever there is a time you need to make it on your own it's now, when the economy is shitty and you're scared shitless. Don't decorate that room. Don't move back. There is no decor-solution for your here. For me to tell you what color to paint it is like me giving you aspirin to fix a bad case of the clap. Go out into the world. Live paycheck to paycheck. Get a shitty job. Learn to make the best of it by sleeping with your co-workers at the pub. Stay out late. Do some drugs. Volunteer at the food bank. Move to a totally new city. Sleep with some rich guy to get a free trip to Rome. Sleep with young guys just for the fun of it. Work odd jobs so you have time for matinees in the afternoon. Read constantly things that would never be assigned to you by a teacher. Fall in love - mad, ridiculous, irresponsible love. Ask your parents for 5 grand and move to some beachy spot in Thailand for as long as the money will last you.Go be both brave and stupid. This is your only chance. Do it for all of us who figured this out way too late in life.Love, Decorno"

Everything about this makes me smile.