Tuesday, April 3, 2012

[ five things i've learned ]

1. Way too many people don't have jobs. I'll be in a group of people, and nearly half of them are unemployed, yet somehow, still living the dream.

2. Californians are surprisingly decent drivers. For some reason, I expected to come out here and have drivers act like New Yorkers. People don't honk every 2 seconds. Blinkers are used. and it's not a war zone.

3. Cell phone service is horrific. I think the only cell phone provider that provides you with more than 1 bar is Verizon, which is not what I have. Every other provider is terrible. I'm talking 'No Service' and 1 bar of service all the time.

4. People on motorcycles/mopeds can drive in between lanes of traffic, legally. Woof. Scares me every time!

5. Work hours are much later than in the Midwest. Nearly everyone works 7-4, and sometimes 8-5 in Minnesota. It's quite rare that someone works 9-6, but here, it's the norm. and I don't like it.