Wednesday, April 25, 2012

[ office space ]

A few little email excerpts from a new employee at my work.

Me: "Are you going to be using extension 3513 or extension 2052?"
Him: "Gonna use 3515 for now. Would u happen to know what ext she was at?"

Me: "Not a problem. Feel free to ask questions!"
Him: "Fo sho. Thanks. -J" (just his first intial)

Me: "I tried calling you, but you were on the phone. He is here now."
Him: "Ooo... hes meeting with Mike so it shood be koo?? Haha..i don't think I needa see him. Thanks."

Him: "That was a super awkward end to a phone call earlier. Lols"
Me: "I had too much going on up here to notice."
Him: "-______- wordword. Haha"

Him: (email subject) Guy chillen up there

Please, somebody, help me understand why or how this person was able to secure a job somewhere other than McDonalds? He is in HR... I swear someone must be fucking with me.