Tuesday, April 10, 2012

[ 1000 gifts ]

i'm jumping on the bandwagon.
Sarah, from Fairy Tales are True, created a post yesterday morning about compiling a list of 1000 things she is thankful for, which is based on the book '1000 Gifts' by Ann Voskamp.
she is challenging her readers to come up with 1000 of their own.
and I am so excited to participate!
by the end of this year, I will come up with 1000 things I am grateful for.
i am incredibly good at getting wrapped up in the little negatives that life can sometimes bring.
i tend to get worried, nervous, stressed, and worked up over small things
when i really should be focusing on how amazing life is
and put my energy towards enjoying of the wonderful things life has has gifted me with.

this will end up being the longest.post.ever.
here we go.
i am grateful for...
1- videos of my little nephew sent by my family. I am able to see all of the things he has learned and how much he grows, even though I am far away.
2- my job. how lucky am I to be newly graduated and employed?
3- my courage, which has allowed me to move on my own to California.
4- having a library card
5- celebrating weddings with some of my favorite people
6- blue wedges on sale
7- my sweet loving crazy supportive momma. she is the best
8- being on skype all day at work. i get to talk to all my homies all dayy long. and my momma too.
9- cupcakes. i think they're one of my favorite things in the world
10- thai food
11- my perfect little townhouse
12- living with my cousin, who is nine years older than me and used to be my babysitter.
13- almond butter. because i am allergic to peanuts.
14- book clubs
15- coworkers turned friends
16- starbucks. it can turn any bad morning around
17- chapstiicckk. can't live without it


Rob said...

I just noticed you started a new blog! I'm still not in braces yet :( but should be sometime in the next few months.

What are you doing out in cali?