Thursday, April 12, 2012

[ weekend recap ]

Better late than never, right?

There's a restaurant in LA called 'Wurstkuche' or 'Sausage Kitchen' (I promise it's a restaurant and not a male strip club). My friend Ryan and I went to check it out Friday night. It's almost a 'build you're own brat' type restaurant, where you chose all your toppings/bread, etc. The beer was great and the fries were amazing. I cannot wait to go back sometime when I am really hungry and take advantage of it a bit more!

The owner of Fred Segal Salon comes into my office every 3-4 weeks. I've gotten to know him a bit more, and he recently gave me his business card and told me to please come see him, that he'll give me a good deal. It sounds wonderful, until you find out that a normal price haircut by him is something like $150-$200. Even if my great deal was 50% off, it's still not happening. Ever. Even if I am really rich someday. So instead I walked to Fantastic Sam's on Saturday and got my hair cut there. It still cost me $25, which I am still not over yet.... It's only $15 in MN!

Saturday night was one of my favorite nights so far in LA. My friend Peter and I went to an awesome Italian restaurant in Santa Monica which was BYOB, so obviously we drank the whole bottle we brought. A close friend of mine was in LA for his birthday visiting another MN friend, so Peter and I drove to Hollywood to meet up with them. I still completely underestimate the amount of time it takes to get ANYWHERE in this state. Who would have thought there would be traffic at 11 pm on a Saturday and that we'd pay $10 to get into a bar that closed 45 mins later?

Sunday was not a great day. I may have had too much fun Saturday night, and I was seriously paying for it Sunday morning. I had to drive myself a block and a half to buy ibuprofen, because I couldn't possibly walk there. It was that bad. I was able to skype with my family, which was absolutely wonderful :)

i am sorry for the terrible quality of my pictures.
my memory card is failing me.
so iPhone pictures it is!