Monday, April 16, 2012

[ oh my! monday ]

oh my gosh.
these boys make me swoon
they're in a group called 'one direction'
which i am pretty sure is geared towards 13 year olds
i know they are only 18/19.
but hey, i am only 22.
and i love them.


i honestly can't even decide which one is my favorite.
somedays i like the blonde one.
and other days it's the one with a mop on his head.
and on the days i don't love those two, i love the one with the black hair and earrings.
but i am pretty sure this one is my favorite.

three years is no big deal :)


Vosler said...

LOL. i am in Sales class trying to figure out who these boys are? Are these those One Direction kids people keep talking about?

Catherine said...

Hahaha! I'm sure you are definitely in with a chance. Isn't one of them dating a 30 yr old?