Friday, April 6, 2012

[ easter weekend ]

This is my first real holiday away from my family.
and I seriously miss them a lot.
So I am going to have to get creative to keep myself from getting mopey.
This is what I have planned for the weekend.

 go see 'The Titanic'.


make a few starbucks runs.

eat food that's really healthy for me.

make breakfast. except probably not pancakes. i don't really like pancakes.

sit out at the beach, wishing i looked like this in a bikini.

 hang out with my friends.

play drawsomething until unreasonable hours.

avoid people, cause i like to do that sometimes too.

call my bff. who i refer to as nicki minaj, but typically goes by 'Carey'

I'll keep you posted on how well I do at staying busy.


bracedmom said...

This post is awesome...definitely room for 2. You just got me hooked on that game!!!

Vosler said...

ummm i can't believe i've been sharing my pancakes with you all along and it turns out you don't even like them. HARUMPH!!!

Dani said...

ohh but your pancakes are so nommy. they're like four times thicker than a normal pancake. plus, i like sitting on your living room floor eating pancakes with youuu. :)