Friday, June 22, 2012

[friday favorites]

things i am loving this week =]

cookie butter
a friend at work bought me a jar of this from trader joe's.
it is what i would think heaven would taste like, as a food. in a jar.
oh. my. gosh.
i dip apples or pretzels or graham crackers in it.
this morning i put it on my waffle and topped it with a sliced banana.

chuck and blair
i am so obsessed with gossip girl it's not even funny.
chuck+blair for liiffee.

bed head
bed head after party.
i have been using this for years and i still absolutely love it.
it's one of the only products i use every single day.
it makes my hair look silky and smooth
and tames all of my frizzy hairs down
but now that I look at the bottle….
maybe they should have shaped it different…

i lovee this.

lucille ball
I need this photograph of lucille ball as a print.
she looks gorgeous.

kelsey byers
kelsey byers.
is this girl kidding?
if only I didn’t like candy and icecream so much.

this outfit.
i need it all!
and her hair. i’ll take that too, please.