Friday, June 22, 2012

[friday favorites]

things i am loving this week =]

cookie butter
a friend at work bought me a jar of this from trader joe's.
it is what i would think heaven would taste like, as a food. in a jar.
oh. my. gosh.
i dip apples or pretzels or graham crackers in it.
this morning i put it on my waffle and topped it with a sliced banana.

chuck and blair
i am so obsessed with gossip girl it's not even funny.
chuck+blair for liiffee.

bed head
bed head after party.
i have been using this for years and i still absolutely love it.
it's one of the only products i use every single day.
it makes my hair look silky and smooth
and tames all of my frizzy hairs down
but now that I look at the bottle….
maybe they should have shaped it different…

i lovee this.

lucille ball
I need this photograph of lucille ball as a print.
she looks gorgeous.

kelsey byers
kelsey byers.
is this girl kidding?
if only I didn’t like candy and icecream so much.

this outfit.
i need it all!
and her hair. i’ll take that too, please.


openbiteblog said...

After party is the shit!! I love that stuff! I've been having trouble finding it lately though. Do you know any large chains that carry it that I could check whenever i'm across the boarder?

Urban Earthworm said...

That Lucille Ball pic is really beautiful. She had a great jawline.

I pout because there isn't a Trader Joe's anywhere near here.

Chelsea Coleen said...

ice cream. and ceral are what get me!!

oh and pizza. cant forget pizza.

Hey girly!

I got you message about your friend doing Semster at Sea! I’m not totally sure how it all works! What school does your friend go to?

My sister goes to Boston University so I know they are involved in the whole program. Let me know! My email is

Courtney B said...

Okay, I know this was written in June but this is the 2nd time today I've seen someone post about the cookie butter. WHYYYYYY is the closest TJ over 4 hours away from me? So tragic (ha ha)