Tuesday, May 29, 2012

[ ten things tuesday ]

1. one of my college friends just got engaged to her Venezuelan boyfriend! they met while she was studying abroad in Venezuela. but didn't start dating until she came back to the US. and then she decided to study abroad in Venezuela again. and then he moved to the US last year, and now they're getting married! so awesome.

2. gossip girl has made me the laziest person alive. oh just kidding, i have always been this lazy. but this weekend, i am pretty sure i spent 12 consecutive hours on my couch. watching season 2 of gossip girl. damn you, upper east siders.

gossip girl

3. remember when little jenny humphrey (taylor momsen) went from looking like this, to THIS?

taylor momsen

4. minnesota. in three days. I don’t need to say anything else.

5. i need to learn spanish so i can find me a sexy south american boytoy (see #1)


i’ll take this guy.

6. lance armstrong came out. as a vegan. and now every vegetarian/vegan are losing their minds with excitement. cause a mainstream athlete doesn't NEED meat. and therefore no one should NEED meat. WELL, guess what? LANCE ARMSTRONG IS MISSING A TESTICLE. this man is a MACHINE. if he can be a mind blowing athlete without one of his balls, i think that proves to everyone he is not a normal person. so, keep on eating your meat. you'll never be like lance armstrong.


7. i wish people would stop taking pictures of me without my knowledge. especially right after my swim suit top falls off and i'm posing with my girlfriends (i'm the itty bitty one on the far right... don't you recognize me?) how rude!


8. i went to the farmers market on sunday, and bought pecan butter. oh. my. gosh. i never thought something like ground up pecans could taste so good. it is heaven in nut butter form. and you should go find some, and buy it. now.

9. kgbdeals.com had a deal for a $99 flight + 2 night hotel room stay for TWO. so obviously i bought three of them. and then one for my mom, so i can make her come visit me. i am thinking boston will be trip #1.


10. i am totally, madly, deeply in love with fried eggs. and it's starting to become a problem. i can't even go a DAY without one. i plan my dinner every night around what would compliment a fried egg or two. tonight i had french bread + tomatoes + fresh mozzarella cheese + salt n pepa + an egg on top. heaven.


murdering eggs. I do what I do.


Terra said...

I always love these posts.
I seriously wish I could love fried eggs, I'm trying so hard to eat eggs every day.
For the record, vegans are insane. I don't eat meat because like eggs, I just can't get myself to eat it, but I hate walking into vegan restaurants and health food stores and dealing with the vegans who think they are soooo much better than everyone else, not sure if it's like that over there, but they're such a bunch of stuck up asses over here.

Taylor said...

Haha, hey! I'm so mad, I did not give permission to anyone to take my picture on that boat!

Hehhee :)

Jenna DeSantis said...


I found you on here through a fellow blogger's site- I adore this post it seriously made me laugh. You are awesome! And super entertaining. Definitely following from now on :-)

XO Jenna