Wednesday, May 9, 2012

[ ten things tuesday ]

1. this should have been posted yesterday, but of course i was too busy spending 2 hours and $140 at target last night to get anything else done. woof.

2. i am absolutely obsessed with the idea of moving to europe and learning another language. i struggle with staying in one place too long. then i realize how much i love living in california and i decide i think i'll stay put for a while. this place is stealing little bits of my heart away from minnesota every day.

3. i am not sure how i survived cinco de mayo, or why i have never properly celebrated it before. a holiday dedicated solely to drinking and eating chips and guac? why did i wait so long to hop on the cinco de drinko bandwagon? so awesome.

4. i watched an episode of 90210 and nearly threw my tv out the window because it was so bad. but then i didn't, because it was so bad, it was good. and i couldn't stop watching it.

5. my 'loose jeans' became 'tight jeans'.. damnit. i need to learn to have self control. i had to suck in so hard this morning to get my pants on. so annoying.

6. has anyone seen 'fat, sick, & nearly dead' the documentary? probably going to watch it. and eat delicious solid food through the whole thing.

7. i am going to a wedding in northern california this weekend. i cannot even contain my excitement. the last wedding i was at i may or may not have gotten sick in the rental car on the way home. i am so good at celebrating new marriages.

8. does anyone think that jessica simpson will ever lose the babyweight? cause i don't even know how you can come back from looking 20 months pregnant like she did.

9. someone had these balloons delivered to a coworker of mine today. if someone ever delivered balloons like that to me in public, i'd never speak to them again because i would be so embarassed. but i'd be totally cool if they delivered them to my apartment, because they were so festive and awesome. and i'd get to enjoy them without the world laughing at me.

10. in result of my jeans not fitting me anymore, i have decided to not eat sugar for four days. i mean, i can only consume sugar that's not in the form of candy or syrup or frosting. if anyone knows anything about me, it's that i eat sugar like it's the #1 staple food group. i eat frosting out of the jar. pretty often. so this is totally insane and if i actually survive the next four days, it will be an absolute miracle. i already thought about giving up at least 25 times today. (update, i failed)